My name is Ingrid
and I'm a UI, UX, Visual, interaction, digital, product, web, mobile, graphic Designer

Photo by Allie Dowd

While I do plenty of work that fits under the umbrella of UX and UI design, my main design skills are the grit and resourcefulness I've developed at lean startups where I've worked collaboratively & cross-functionally, adapting to whatever needs doing in the moment.

Whether I'm creating wireframes, prototypes, and subpixel-perfect interfaces; rendering expressive animations and illustrations; conducting in-depth, empathetic user interviews; or writing concise marketing and product copy—I get hands-on with the details so users can focus on loving the product.

In my studies and time teaching at Harvard, I engaged in various forms of artmaking and formal critique. As a result, I value my traditional media skills just as much as my new media ones. When I'm not designing, reading, or learning new hobbies like pointed pen calligraphy or traditional woodblock printing, I also draw a webcomic about growing up multiracial in America.